Workshop: “Creating an effective Content Marketing Strategy in a day”

Wednesday 10th May
9.30 – 5.30
The Trampery, Old Street, London EC1

Presented by Bas van den Beld

"Bas’s recommendations on both editorial and technical level made a big impact."

Mieke Weismann Viacom


What’s it about and why would it help me and my business?

Most marketers feel the content marketing efforts aren’t effective. They feel they put in the effort, but lack the results. Why is that? Most probably because the content marketing strategy isn’t set up right. The emphasis is wrong.

Imagine you could build a content marketing strategy that isn’t just a nice document, but actually works. Based on the needs of your audience. Your target audience will not just love your content, they will act on it as well!

In this one day course you will learn what elements are important in creating a content marketing strategy that works. That drives not just traffic, but sales as well.

The course is developed by Bas van den Beld, an internationally renowned marketing specialist. Bas will also be your teacher for the day.

What is covered?

The one day course covers the following topics:

* Understanding when Content Marketing becomes a power tool

* Setting the right objectives and goals

* Connecting your business goals to your audience’s goals

* Determining what content types work for you

At the end of the course you will be able to:

* create a content strategy that works

* get others within your organisation or in your client group on board

* get results with your content marketing strategy

Who should attend?

This course is developed with these marketers in mind:

* Agencies and in-house marketers that are looking to get results from content marketing

* Intermediate level marketers that want to take their knowledge to a higher level