Workshop: “Connecting the dots between SEO and Content Marketing”

Wednesday 10th May
9.30 – 5.30
The Trampery, Old Street, London EC1

Presented by Bas van den Beld


One of the best day conferences I’ve ever attended. Speakers at the perfect level for both understanding and getting the creative ideas flowing. Absolutely brilliant job and can’t wait for Conversion Elite & next years Search Elite again.

Chris Simmance Director, Optus Digital


What’s it about and why would it help me and my business?

For years one of the biggest “SEO tactics” was “create great content, and rankings will come”. You and I know this isn’t true.  A lot more needs to be done.

But we can’t ignore that content and SEO are related. They work closely together. Content is what we are trying to make visible using SEO. Without content, there is no SEO. And you could say the same the other way around: we need good content to be able to do good SEO.

In many cases however, these two aren’t working together in the right way. New rules in the search engines ask for new ways of looking at content. It’s not about keywords anymore, it’s about topics. But how to align the two? How to make sure that the content that is created will benefit your rankings? And how to find out what content works best?

In this workshop, Bas van den Beld will teach you exactly how to do this. Bas will show you how to research your topics. How to find out what content fits with what audience. And Bas will show you how to connect SEO with Content.

Why sign up?

You should sign up for this course because you want to do the right thing when optimising. You want to make sure that you don’t waste time creating content that will never rank, or if it does, for the wrong reasons. You want to sign up, because you are sick of ‘just doing things’, and knowing it’s not really working.

And you want to sign up because you want to be better than others. And you know the right combination of content and SEO will do just that.

The course is developed by Bas van den Beld, an internationally renowned marketing specialist. Bas will also be your teacher for the day.

What is covered?

The one day course covers the following topics:
  • Connecting Content and SEO together
  • Understanding when Content Marketing becomes a power tool
  • Setting the right objectives and goals
  • Connecting your business goals to your audience’s goals
  • Determining what content types work for you


At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create content that works for SEO
  • Build SEO and content strategies that will get you traffic AND conversions
  • Get results with your SEO and content marketing strategy

Who should attend?

This course is developed with these marketers in mind:

  • Agencies and in-house marketers that are looking to get results
  • Marketers that want to take their knowledge to a higher level




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