8 speakers. 8 actionable 40 minute learning sessions. All for £245 +VAT.

We have eight of the best speakers in search marketing who have quite literally revolutionised the digital industry across the globe. They will show you their techniques, provide content that is actionable, and use case studies that show you exactly how their strategies work.

Sam Noble

Director of Strategy at Koozai

Session: "Using paid media insights to uncover who your audience really are"

Whether you are running paid media campaigns or you aren’t; the audience data that these platforms give us is invaluable. Would you like to know... Read More/Register

Online Marketing Strategist

Session: "How to make Digital Marketing work in your organisation. A case study revealing a unique approach to marketing!"

The world is changing fast. Marketing is changing fast. As a marketing department, you always need to... Read More/Register

David Iwanow

Director Of Strategy at BlueGlass

Session: "Automate or Die"

David knows that your time is valuable and more and more brands are dealing with several if not dozens of platforms they are expected to track, optimise and report on.  The other issue... Read More/Register

Gerry White

Analytics & SEO Consultant

Session: “Using and abusing GTM, WordPress and other tools to 'hack' SEO onto enterprise sites”

Whether you are running paid media campaigns or you aren’t; the audience data that these platforms give us is invaluable. Would you... Read More/Register

Jim Banks

CEO at Spades Media.

Session: "Don’t waste money buying traffic"

Jim will show you how to get the most traffic, leads and sales in the most cost effective way possible. In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to avoid mistakes when... Read More/Register

Jono Alderson

Principal Consultant at Distilled

Session: "Unlocking performance - beyond AMP"

When every microsecond counts, you need to be at the top of your game to capture clicks and conversions.

AMP has shone a much-needed... Read More/Register
Judith Lewis

Founder, deCabbit Consultancy

Session: "Turbo-Charged SEO - When You've Done It All This Comes Next"

Already have a moderate understanding of SEO but want to get some more in-depth insight in to how things work and what tools you... Read More/Register

Russell McAthy



Session: "Which channels are more likely to convert your browsers into buyers?"

How likely is it that you’ll turn a browser into a buyer? Can programmes tell you which channel / activity / creative is best to deliver... Read More/Register

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