Search Elite will turn you into better search marketers. and increase your online profits. The programme has been planned to take you through the strategic components of search using insights from real life case studies that have helped to increase profits for online businesses.
This is a one track programme designed to improve your knowledge and skills. Each presenter will have a scheduled 40 minute slot to cover their specialised area with each session linked to complete the search marketing learning process. Presenters will all be available throughout the day and in the evening to answer any questions you may have about search marketing for your own business.


Search Elite Event: Tuesday 9th May
08:30 - 09:20
Jo Turnbull: “Welcome to the first Search Elite”
Jo Turnbull
Director of Strategy, Searchmetrics
09:30 - 10:10
Bas van den Beld: “How to make Digital Marketing work in your organisation. A case study revealing a unique approach to marketing!”

Why is Bas a Search Elite?
Bas is a well known and award winning Online Marketing Strategist and consultant trainer. In this session Bas will show you how a large insurance brand shook up their digital marketing and made it work with a flexible and adaptable approach.

The world is changing fast. Marketing is changing fast. As a marketing department, you always need to be on top of things and  organisations struggle to get their marketing up and running and up-to-date. Bas van den Beld and Daniel Rotting teamed up to help a large Dutch insurance company fight this problem. Bas is a well-known expert in digital marketing. Daniel is an expert in how to make teams co-create better. Together, they made a big impact.

Whether you work for a large organisation or an SME, Bas and Daniel bring together a unique set of knowledge and understanding on both marketing and the human psyche.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to better prepare your company for the fast changing digital industry.
  • How to keep up with what’s happening and react quickly and effectively.

How to make sure your team is adaptable and flexible.

You will be able to implement changes to your teams and your organisations using a unique approach that combines digital and marketing with human psychology

Bas Van Den Beld
Online Marketing Strategist
Daniel Rotting
10:15 - 10:55
David Iwanow: “Automate or Die”

Why is David a Search Elite?
David is the king of SEO and analytics. In this session you’ll learn how to do a better job with measurement and reporting without the need for significantly more resources.

David knows that your time is valuable and more and more brands are dealing with several if not dozens of platforms they are expected to track, optimise and report on.  The other issue is that many of these daily tasks are time consuming but important so how can you be everywhere at once and still manage at least 5-6 hours sleep a night. I’ll touch on some key areas of where I can see you can do a better job without the need for significantly more resources:

  • Switch to Real-Time Reporting
  • Setup Key Alerts on Traffic & Website Performance
  • Automate Reporting of Issues to Stakeholders
  • Track security issues
  • Track changes to your platform or competitors
  • Monitor theft of image content
  • Visualize Problems in Dashboards
David Iwanow
Director Of Strategy at BlueGlass
11:00 - 11:15
Break for refreshments
11:15 - 11:55
Sam Noble: “Using Paid Media Insights to Uncover Who Your Audience Really Are”

Why is Sam a Search Elite?
Sam is a digital marketing expert who helps businesses increase revenues through digital. In this session you’ll be able to apply the insights learned from data across all marketing channels the business uses.

Whether you are running paid media campaigns or you aren’t; the audience data that these platforms give us is invaluable. Would you like to know the demographic breakdown of your audience? How about the TV programmes and films that they like to watch? Or even uncover what gaming console they use? All this is possible if you use the paid media platforms in the right way.

This highly actionable talk is not just aimed at Paid Media teams; this talk is aimed at anyone who is marketing a business either offline or online. At the end of this session you will:

  • Know what insights are available to you
  • Understand how to segment data for your website and customer base
  • Use this data to market to an entirely new-to-brand audience
  • Be able to create audience personas for different business goals

Apply the insights learned across all marketing channels the business uses.

Sam Noble
12:00 - 12:40
Russell McAthy: “Which channels are more likely to convert your browsers into buyers?”

Why is Russell a Search Elite? Russell has generated unprecented success for enterprise level, large, SMB and start-ups. In his session you’ll learn about programmes and metrics that will help you convert the next 10 sales.

How likely is it that you’ll turn a browser into a buyer? Can programmes tell you which channel / activity / creative is best to deliver to that person to get them to convert? In this session Russell will unveil the programmes available to determine probabilities of converting not just one but the next 10 sales for a customer using a metric that’s like LTV on steroids.

Russell Mcathy
12:45 - 13:25
13:30 - 14:10
Jono Alderson: “Unlocking performance – beyond AMP”

Why is Jono a Search Elite?

Jono has over a decade of blended experience in digital strategy, with expertise in SEO, analytics and brand strategy. This session will show you how to Unlock the next level of performance, and leave AMP limping in the dust behind you.

When every microsecond counts, you need to be at the top of your game to capture clicks and conversions.
AMP has shone a much-needed spotlight on web and mobile performance – but it’s not enough. Sites are still slow, users are still frustrated, and businesses are losing money.
This session will dive deeper, go broader, and help you to go even faster. We’ll explore why AMP might not be a magic bullet, and run through hundreds of tips, tricks and techniques to speed up your site.
From server configuration setting to CSS tweaks, this is a lightning fast tour of tactical opportunities for technically-minded SEOs and developers.
You’ll walk away with a laundry list of optimisation tips, covering:
  • Infrastructure and network optimisation
  • Data transfer improvements
  • Measurement and metrics
  • Front-end, caching and rendering techniques
  • Server setups and database management
  • Progressive web apps
Jono Alderson
Principal Consultant at Distilled
14:15 - 14:55
Judith Lewis: “Turbo-Charged SEO – When You’ve Done It All This Comes Next”

Why is Judith a Search Elite?
Judith is a specialist integrated online marketer with skills in SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing She knows SEM from both in-house and agency-side.

Already have a moderate understanding of SEO but want to get some more in-depth insight in to how things work and what tools you can use to turbo-charge your business, especially related to the travel and tourism industry? Then this session is the right one for you. Judith will cover 3D keyword analysis, benchmarking and KPIs in travel and tourism, Google Search Console and how to use it to identify content creation opportunities, SEMRush and how to best utilise it for your competitor analysis. Judith will show how research into sharing behaviour demonstrating an emphasis on travel and tourism engagement pre-search, but that search is still the primary route to sale.

This session is perfect for businesses looking to develop a future-proof market approach and better understand the opportunities which are overlooked by many.

Judith Lewis
Founder, deCabbit Consultancy
15:00 - 15:15
Break for refreshments
15:15 - 15:55
Gerry White: “Using and abusing GTM, WordPress and other tools to ‘hack’ SEO onto enterprise sites”

Why is Gerry a Search Elite?
Gerry is a SEO & Analytics consultant  who has been working with organisations includ including the Government, ecommerce, hotel chains, charities and banks to improve their performance, particularly in search. In this session you’ll be able to use some tools that aren’t typically used for content & SEO to improve performance without less development time.

Often, getting things done in larger businesses takes a while, from project management to implementation & in SEO nothing is guaranteed, so can we use GTM, WordPress and other tools to hack on tests before running larger scale implementations, often we can’t but with Google increasingly able to read JavaScript – sometimes, we might just achieve what was impossible with through the CMS

  • Use GTM To do some very quick fixes 
  • Understand how to insert content onto sites 
  • How to structure the conversation with senior management
  • 101 (maybe less) quick hacks with GTM & WordPress 
  • Risks & Management of Risks 
Gerry White
Analytics & SEO Consultant
16:00 - 16:40
Jim Banks: “Don’t waste money buying traffic”

Why is Jim a Search Elite?
Jim is the master of google adwords and facebook ads. His interactive session will show you how to get the most traffic, leads and sales in the most cost effective way possible.

In this interactive session, you’ll learn how to avoid mistakes when buying media and how to join the dots together between Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads. Jim will show you how to use DSP’s, tracking platforms, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to get them all working together. You’ll get some amazing actionable takeaways and never again will you waste money buying traffic.

Jim Banks
CEO at Spades Media.
16:45 - 17:15
All speaker panel Q&A session

Final session of the day.

17:15 - 18:00
Networking drinks at The Trampery
18:00 - 20:00
After event ping pong at the Bounce Bar (next to The Trampery)
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