Jono Alderson

Jono Alderson

Session: “Unlocking performance – beyond AMP”

When every microsecond counts, you need to be at the top of your game to capture clicks and conversions.

AMP has shone a much-needed spotlight on web and mobile performance – but it’s not enough. Sites are still slow, users are still frustrated, and businesses are losing money.
This session will dive deeper, go broader, and help you to go even faster. We’ll explore why AMP might not be a magic bullet, and run through hundreds of tips, tricks and techniques to speed up your site.
From server configuration setting to CSS tweaks, this is a lightning fast tour of tactical opportunities for technically-minded SEOs and developers.
You’ll walk away with a laundry list of optimisation tips, covering:
  • Infrastructure and network optimisation
  • Data transfer improvements
  • Measurement and metrics
  • Front-end, caching and rendering techniques
  • Server setups and database management
  • Progressive web apps

Date: Tuesday 9th May 2017, 13.30 – 14.10


Why is Jono a Search Elite?

Jono has over a decade of blended experience in digital strategy, with expertise in SEO, analytics and brand strategy, campaign strategy, lead generation, eCRM automation, conversation rate optimisation and web development – from defining the ‘big picture’ and strategic direction, right down to getting his hands dirty in the nitty-gritty technical detail. His session will show you how to unlock the next level of performance, and leave AMP limping in the dust behind you.

Jono has worked with agencies, startups, household brands, FTSE 100 companies and global enterprises to define, support and deliver successful SEO, content, analytics and brand strategies at an international level.


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