Gerry White

Gerry White

Session: “Using and abusing GTM, WordPress and other tools to ‘hack’ SEO onto enterprise sites”

Whether you are running paid media campaigns or you aren’t; the audience data that these platforms give us is invaluable. Would you like to know the demographic breakdown of your audience? How about the TV programmes and films that they like to watch? Or even uncover what gaming console they use? All this is possible if you use the paid media platforms in the right way.

Often, getting things done in larger businesses takes a while, from project management to implementation & in SEO nothing is guaranteed, so can we use GTM, WordPress and other tools to hack on tests before running larger scale implementations, often we can’t but with Google increasingly able to read JavaScript – sometimes, we might just achieve what was impossible with through the CMS.

  • Use GTM To do some very quick fixes
  • Understand how to insert content onto sites
  • How to structure the conversation with senior management
  • 101 (maybe less) quick hacks with GTM & WordPress
  • Risks & Management of Risks

Tuesday 9th May 2017, 15.15 – 15.55


Why is Gerry a Search Elite?

Gerry is a SEO & Analytics consultant  who has been working with organisations includ including the Government, ecommerce, hotel chains, charities and banks to improve their performance, particularly in search. In his session you’ll be able to use some tools that aren’t typically used for content & SEO to improve performance without less development time.

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