David Iwanow

David Iwanow

Session: “Automate or Die”

David knows that your time is valuable and more and more brands are dealing with several if not dozens of platforms they are expected to track, optimise and report on.  The other issue is that many of these daily tasks are time consuming but important so how can you be everywhere at once and still manage at least 5-6 hours sleep a night. I’ll touch on some key areas of where I can see you can do a better job without the need for significantly more resources:

  • Switch to Real-Time Reporting
  • Setup Key Alerts on Traffic & Website Performance
  • Automate Reporting of Issues to Stakeholders
  • Track security issues
  • Track changes to your platform or competitors
  • Monitor theft of image content
  • Visualize Problems in Dashboards

Tuesday 9th May 2017, 10.15 – 10.55


Why is David a Search Elite?

David is the king of SEO and analytics. In this session you’ll learn how to do a better job with measurement and reporting without the need for significantly more resources.

In the last 10 years David has worked and consulted with some of the largest companies and websites around Enterprise SEO, Web Analytics, Social Media, Content Marketing and AdWords campaigns




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