UK Search Personality of the Year Award Winner, Sam Noble Joins Us at Search Elite

Hello everyone, I am Jo Turrnbull and I am pleased to have on the Search Elite podcast today, Sam Noble, she is the Director of Strategy of Koozai. Thank you for joining us today.

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Sam Noble Winning at the Search Awards


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Sam Noble at Inbounder

1) Cast your mind back to 2016, what was your key highlight from that year?

From a personal perspective it has got to be winning the UK Search Personality of the Year Award. That is definitely a highlight from the year that I don’t think I am going to be able to top over the coming years, that is for sure.

2) That is really well known and many congratulations such an achievement to be made in the Search Industry What conferences did you last year as I saw your job title at Koozai has changed.

Yes my job title changed last year and I became the Director of Strategy. Previous to that I headed up the operations team at Koozai and one of the real my passions of mine is helping business and brands look at their over arching digital strategy and come up with ways on which how they can market themselves to get a better return of investment. My role changed so I could really really focus on that.

I speak at a lot of conferences. Something happened last year and I started speaking a lot more European and actually world wide events as well which was brilliant. Pretty much I was at a conference nearly every month which compared to previous years was crazy. This year is not looking to be any different which was a great.

3) You are certainly keeping very busy, what predictions did you make paid media as that is your specialty?

Predictions for last year, I remember speaking to someone about this at the tail end of 2015 and one of the things that I was thinking Google may go down the route of doing was trying to monetize Google maps.

We saw over the previous years, Google shopping used to be a free entity and now that is very much a now paid entity within the adwords platform.

I think them trying to monetize Google Maps was really the next logical step for them. We did actually see that so we are starting to see within the Google map listings, the local pack listings we are now starting to see one ad appearing in there. So I am curious to see how they take over in 2017 and beyond, whether that will increase further like we see within other platforms within adwords or not.

4) In terms of paid media, where do you think paid media is going in 2017?

Audience marketing. Over the past couple of years audience marketing has been huge and over this year and 2018 it is going to continue to thrive. We are trying to move away when it comes with paid media now on just trying focus on “ok lets bid on certain keywords” and display relevant ads to the keywords people are searching for.

Now we are able to get a lot more smart with the targeting we are doing and trying to segment people into different audience buckets and serve different messages at different times depending on the audience you are marketing to.

For me paid media over the next couple of years will become a lot more audience focused. Keywords still very much still play a part but no where near as significant as they were previous.

5) How can we get hold of you?

I am all over social media so you can get me on Twitter SamJaneNoble. Over the next few months I am going to be speaking at various conferences.
In March I am at Stockholm at the Web Da Garner conference.
In April, we have got Brighton SEO and Adworld Experience which is in Bologna in Italy which I am looking forward to. And obviously we have Search Elite.

They are the next few that I am going to be at for the first half of this year which is exciting.


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