Interview with State of Digital Founder Bas van den Beld on the Search Elite Podcast

Welcome to the Search Elite pod cast. Today on the show, we have Bas van den Beld, founder of State of Digital and Conference Speaker.

Bas is a trainer, public speaker and marketer award and he won the EU search personality 2015.
Listen to the podcast with SEO Jo Blogs or read the transcript below to find out about his Content Marketing workshop at Search Elite.

Thank you Bas for being on the show today. You are the trainer of the Content Marketing Strategy Workshop that is on May 10th.
Starting with 2016, it seems like it has been a very busy year for you, what have you changed in terms of work?


Yeah, it has been an interesting year. I started off the year as a regular marketer and throughout the year, I kinda realized that it was time make a few shifts as well.One of those shifts was going back to my roots actually and that is doing more training and more workshops.


I am trained teacher from back in the 90s actually, I was studying history. I can teach history but I am training now a lot more on the digital marketing topics that I know about.I decided at the end of last year it would be interesting to make use of the experience I have of speaking around the globe to do workshops in those as well. So I started a public speaking course, specifically aimed at digital marketers. I am going to pursue that in 2017 as a new business so it has been a big year so it is going to be an even bigger year in 2017.


In terms of the Search World, what three things did you predict were going to happen in 2016, focusing in your area Content Marketing (influencer marketing).

There were a couple of things I was hoping for and a couple of things I was thinking hoping would happen. I was hoping people would finally put more focus on the consumer instead of trying to blur out content which only talk about themselves.I think that finally happened in 2016. I really saw a lot more marketers doing content marketing in a way that is better equipped for consumers, so less focused on themselves and more on the consumers’ wishes.At the same time, I was hoping for less content because I feel there is so much content on the web. We are just polluting the web with all the content we are putting out there. Unfortunately that hasn’t changed. That was more of a hope and maybe a prediction. If it was a prediction it did not come true because there is even a growing amount of content going on. I am still hoping for that in the upcoming years and hopefully even in 2017.


The third one is what everyone probably would have said at the beginning of 2016, It is mobile. I think we saw a huge shift there, with Google doing all sorts of changes, Facebook making changes. Everyone was focusing on Mobile First. Which actually I think is the wrong term. It is not mobile first. It is where people are . It is not device driven. It is driven based on what people are doing at that specific time.

If they are using a mobile cell phone or a tablet or a computer or whatever they are using. It does not matter.


I think those were the 3 predictions I saw for 2016, so two out of three not bad, eh? 

Not bad at all, so maybe now we can ask you now then what do you think happening 2017 and we can place on that at the bookmakers

It is always difficult to actually predict what will happen, but I am still hoping for less content, for people actually understanding wait a minute, we don’t need to create that much content. We just need to create better content, so more quality. I think with the growing competition online, with the way Google works, I think that is probably one prediction that will have to come true in 2017.That there will be more focus on quality than quantity.

If I were to go more in the search direction, I think Google has shown that they are capable of doing updates all over the place so they will continue to do that as well. It will be focused more on quality as well.

So it would say maybe a revive of the old Panda updates, where they are focused on more high quality content. That will be interesting. 

Mobile will still continue to grow but I would say that if you look at what really is important, I think the consumer focus and less content are the two key points of 2017.

That is a lot of us to keep our eyes on for 2017.

How can we get hold of you?

You can find me on Twitter, State of, and my new venture Speak with Persuasion.  Thank you Bas for being on the show today and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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