Distilled Consultant Jono Alderson talks about Analytics on the Search Elite Podcast

Welcome to the Search Elite Pod Cast, I am Jo Turnbull and I pleased to have Jono Alderson on the show today. Jono is Principal Consultant at Distilled joining us today. Listen the interview or read the details in the transcript below.

ono Alderson Speaking at Search Elite Event

What was the biggest change for you in 2016?

I jumped back into agency world, which I hadn’t realized quite how much I missed being at the cutting edge of consultancy and working with businesses. Previously I was at Linkdex doing R&D and some marketing stuff.

It is so good to be back and essentially to be working at Distilled. I have known the guys for years and always been big fans so it is great to be part of their team.

It is really really exciting to be working with such smart people on brands who are genuinely trying to do really sophisticated marketing and who understand just how big a deal search can be when it is integrated with other channels, so there are lots of cool stuff happening there.

Did you have any predictions on what would happen in the Analytics Space in SEO in 2016 because that is the area you specialise?

Yes that intercepts between analytics and measurement and business frameworks. The thing that I saw coming for 2016 which has started to land a little bit later than I thought was the impact of voice search and measurement around that and in particular the broadening mobile and content systems.

Things like AMP and Facebook instant articles and all sorts of other challenges where increasingly we are seeing that my consumers and my content and my brand maybe exist and interact beyond my website and beyond my platform.

It is hugely challenging to understand how I can measure and monitor and optimise performance in those different areas when it is not necessarily happening somewhere that I control. I think that is not a new thing. I think this is just the latest step in the increasing complexity of consumer journeys and how brands need to consider those but it has been a big step and it has thrown a lot of brands and I think there is definitely challenge to understand how to deal with that.

Based on what you have seen in 2016, What do you think will happen in 2017?

I think we have reached the point where siloed brands and organisations who have different budgets for different activities and different teams managing those are really going to struggle.

I think building on this kinda idea that things are more complex than they have ever been and consumers use multiple channels and visit multiple times and make decisions over longer time periods and rely on different platforms. It is very very hard to take any given channel or any given page on the website or any given team and say how well are you performing and how many people have you converted because the Reality is that consumer behaviour is much more complex.

Essentially this is digital becoming more like the real world. Historically we have isolated it all and treated it in nice little buckets but the reality has become more complex. Now it feels more and more like you might have to consider managing a retail store where consumer behaviour is similarly fragmented and complex. You can’t treat every single bit individually and that is really really hard for some organisations.

How can we get hold of you?

I am going to be speaking at Search Elite at the beginning of May, which is really exciting. I am also @Jono Alderson on Twitter. I am findable through the Distilled website and on my own site JonoAlderson.com.

Also around in London and about at Search London’s coming up and BrightonSEO. Chances are we will bump into one another.

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