CEO of Cubed, Russell McAthy Joins us on the Search Elite Podcast

Welcome to the Search Elite Pod Cast, I am Jo Turnbull and I am joined by Rusty McAthy, CEO of Cubed  today. Listen to the podcast or read the full interview below.

I believe you have had a busy 18 months, what do you think has been the biggest change for you in 2016?

I came in to Cubed in 2016 as CEO. I was previously running my own consultancy firm. I got brought in to consult for Cubed, which was previously called VisScore.

When I came in as CEO officially, in April last year, we have completely reorganized the business, we have rebranded under the Cubed banner. Within the last 18 months we have come from a picture of a data led technology company to becoming one of the leading attribution providers in the market place.

Did you have any predictions on what would happen in Attribution / Data Driven Insights Area in 2016?

We saw in 2012/2013 the word “attribution” being the buzz word in the industry that businesses realized that they knew that they should do something in that space but they never understood what it was. That is when I started in 2011/2012 my expertise in attribution.

As we have gone into 2016, I feel like we have by passed it being a buzz word and it is more so now that brands are recognizing it is a requirement for them if they spend any marketing at all, they need to have any understanding of what they are doing and the true value of that.

The smarter marketers out there are investing in this but also just having a change of their psychology behind the value of everything they are doing.

Russell McAthy

Based on what you have seen in the past 4 years and 2016 in particular, What do you think will happen in 2017?

We are seeing people putting a lot more effort into the data we collect. The buzz word of the last couple of years is “DMPs” but the true investment organizations are making is people is collecting all their data, making sure they have integrity in their marketing data and then changing the way they go to market across all the different platforms and trying to align to KPIs.

What we are seeing in 2017 and will change continuously over the next 5 years, is businesses changing those KPIs to be more audience focused, to be thinking more long term rather than the short term wins.

That is where we are aiming at Cubed to be part of that organization, by helping them understand the value of the activity today and how that influences what is going to happen in the coming days, weeks and months.

You will be speaking at Search Elite, but how can we get hold of you before then?

I am quite active on Twitter at the Rusty Bear. Anyone is welcome to find me on Linkedin – Russell McAthy. Just hit me on either of those and I would love to speak to everyone.


Thank you for being on the show and look forward to seeing you at Search Elite.


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